Tallit update: string!

I wound up the blue string into a ball this morning!  It did not break!  It’s all twist-stable and everything!  *bounce*

P'til techelet*

P'til techelet*

This will be the blue stripes — it’s four ounces, and hopefully my hand gives a good sense of how fine it turned out.  The yarn is sitting on an 8-ounce ball of unspun white wool which will become the background color.  There is also a 4-oz braid of brown roving waiting to be spun up to be more stripes.


White yarn started on the wheel

White yarn started on the wheel

The wheel, if anyone’s curious, is a Kromski Mazurka.


*”thread of [blue dye obtained from obscure species of possibly-extinct snail]”


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  1. 1

    Cedar-cousins said,

    Hi S!

    Found your blog. E has been spinning on the drop spindle your parental units gave her for Christmas (so it’s not Christmas yet – a technicality at our house. Packages arriving by mail are opened promptly) and is really, really thrilled with it!

    Found the foot warmer “silly English” entry amusing. Not being fond of chickpeas, I’m glad there is a productive use for them.

    Both cousins thought your blog name was funny. Mom is out of the loop, and happy to stay that way.

    Aunt ML

  2. 2

    Cedar-cousins said,

    I think I saw you were making bread pudding? Here’s a recipe I used to make some. I didn’t use Panera raisin bread, I used store brand, because it’s cheaper. And I messed with the recipe to make more, but I can’t remember off hand how.


    Aunt ML

  3. 3

    Cedar-cousins said,

    Okay, it’s me again.

    My family once had chickens when I was a kid, and I remember trying to pull out what I think were pin feathers (?) with tweezers. Seems to me someone told me you could just burn them off with a flame. Sounds a lot easier to me.

    Aunt ML

  4. 4

    limesarah said,

    Oooo…I must try that bread pudding; thank you!

  5. 5

    debka_notion said,

    Cedar-Cousins- I don’t cook much meat, but a friend’s mother does use a candle or lighter to burn off pin feathers…

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