Giant Book Shift of Doom is almost done!  It will be done by the end of today!  Yay!  (At least, the regular-sized books.  Then we get to do the same thing, with fewer books, only they’re all huge.)

My body is currently vehemently informing me that while it tolerates a fairly wide range of thyroid doses, it would very much appreciate it if I would just stick with one already.  Yes, anatomy, I feel that way, too.  For the record, for those of you who have to deal with me in person, when hypothyroid I apparently become depressed, slightly paranoid, and tired.  When hyperthyroid, I become jittery, defensive, and have more heart weirdness than normal.  I may also become more bouncy and stoned-appearing, but I think that’s actually the sleep deprivation.  If you see me exhibiting these symptoms and I don’t seem to realize that it’s the meds, you may want to suggest this to me.  Possibly from a safe distance, or when offering chocolate.


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