I finished the blue yarn last night.  It broke several times when transferring it to the niddy-noddy, but that’s really better than I could have hoped for.  It’s singles and finer than I’ve ever worked with.  Setting the twist should help, as that felts it ever-so-slightly.  I just hope I’ll be able to get it into a ball without too much chaos.  It is very very pretty :-)

The giant book shift at work is proceeding apace, but I’m exhausted from moving stuff now.  Last class of the semester tonight and then I shall be free.

I made delicious soup for dinner last night and we watched WALL-E.  We now own the DVD :-)  The soup was a tomato broth with various dried vegetables from this summer and some chili-rosemary seasoning from Penzy Spices, which we discovered this past weekend.  It is a delicious-smelling store that sells many wonderful things.  I also got whole nutmegs there.  I want to find a nutmeg grinder like we had in Germany…we have a microplane which works fine, but nutmeg grinders have a little nutmeg-keeper on the end that’s very useful.


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