In which there is important scheduling, relatives, trains, and interesting food

I had another meeting with Rabbi T. on Wednesday and we talked about what I’d written, and I’m really feeling pretty confident about this whole thing. So if the date works for the mikvah and two more rabbis, I will go talk to a beit din on December 16th (or possibly 18th if the 16th doesn’t work). Eeeeeeee… I am happy.

It was, however possibly foolish to have this conversation right before taking an overnight train home, as I don’t think my mental state was really conducive to sleep. But the fact that I was on a train was considerably less soporific, so it probably didn’t really matter. Next time I will bring a pillow and my cloak. For some reason, I find it very hard to sleep unless my whole body is covered by a blanket, regardless of whether or not I am actually cold.

Thanksgiving was excellent. I got to see cousins that I haven’t seen in a couple years (*waves* hi, cousins!), who have in the intervening time turned into really nifty people. There was the requisite too much food, including an excellent sweet potato – pecan pie. (Incidentally, we have way too many sweet potatoes. Does anyone want to come over and help us eat them?) I did not get to see either of my siblings, as one didn’t find transportation home and the other is busy migrating with whooping cranes. Then for the latter part of the weekend, I got to see the other side of the family and we went out for tapas. Mmmm…tapas. Remarkably veggie-friendly tapas, in fact. I located fresh galangal and kaffir lime leaves at the Asian grocery store, but then left them in Rockville.

The train home was mostly uneventful, and I made serious inroads on my paper and project. Still, I foresee lots of caffeine tonight. We had dinner at a restaurant in Chinatown with B. and H. As we browsed the menu, I noticed something in the appetizers called “crispy sticky milk” (also available in a sampler platter with jellyfish, duck web, and fried pig intestine. Yum?). Crispy…sticky…milk? I confirmed with the waiter that it did not contain meat, and ordered it, because there are distressingly few opportunities to order random unknown ethnic food that doesn’t contain, say, pig ears or tripe. It was actually really tasty. The best description I can give of it is that it was a tempura’d coconut-flavored blintz, with sweetened condensed milk as a dipping sauce. I’m pretty sure the interior was actually more of a custard than a soft cheese, though. There was also delicious lo mein and fried tofu (embedded with unexpected shrimp, which I fed to Ben).


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    debka_notion said,

    B’sha’ah Tovah on the impending conversion date!! I’m very excited for you. Do let us know what date you end up settling on- I’ll be davening for you in particular that day. *grins*

  2. 2

    limesarah said,

    Thanks :-D I’ll keep you posted!

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