Grain Mill: 1 Sarah: 0

I tried to install the corn/bean auger on the grain mill to start making cornmeal, but I seem to have done something wrong, because all I can manage is coarsly cracked corn.  Boo.  I’m going to try calling the grain mill people (I have a Country Living mill) and see if they know what’s wrong.


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    Herbert said,

    I assume the bean/corn auger is because beans & corn are much larger than things like flax and wheat… are the pieces it makes the corn into proportionately larger than the grind you get for flour

    Also, is the cracked corn of a sized that you could then put it in the normal auger to make it finer? Or is that somehow a Really Bad Idea?


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    limesarah said,

    The mill is supposed to be able to turn corn into cornmeal…the auger is just to push the corn into the grinding plates; the actual plates are the same. I tried putting it through twice, but the plates just don’t seem to tighten enough. I could put it through the regular auger, but that essentially means taking apart the whole mill and putting it back together. Which I could do if I have to, but I’d rather figure out what’s actually wrong with it, if anything.

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