So, in the Library of Congress subject headings, why is Monotheism listed as a “related term” under God, but Polytheism is a “narrower term”?  Also under “narrower terms” are Myth (do myths inherently involve deities?  Are they legends or folktales if they don’t?)  and Causation. Apparently, “causation” only refers to the concept in a metaphysical or theological sense, though we do also have Causation (Criminal Law) and Causation (Buddhism) (which is its own separate entry, not a narrower term for Causation).  We also get the highly confusing entry Space and time–Religious aspects–Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]  , not to be confused with Space and time–Religious aspects–Baptists, [Catholic Church, etc.]

This database is geekily addictive in roughly the same way that Wikipedia is.  Only I still can’t find the correct subject heading for “philosophy of science”.  The answer to the first question in this assignment was Baggins, Bilbo (Fictitious Character), in case anyone was wondering how to properly catalog him.


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