In which I should really do my homework

Instead, I have been researching legends about Na’ama.  Because that is way more interesting than management theory.  It’s actually about the same level of interesting as ancient library history, but I can’t research that at the reference desk as effectively, because so much of it isn’t really available online.  (The great library at Ur had some of its tablets cataloged by keyword! They seem to have abandoned that idea fairly quickly, possibly because of how much less sense it makes when dealing with clay tablets rather than online databases.)

We went for a tour of the mikveh in Newton last night.  It’s a really lovely place; very peaceful.  It seemed particularly appropriate to go then, because it was rather enthusiastically raining, so we could see the trough where the rain collected and then the big handle you turn to let it into the pool.

I think my brain hasn’t figured out this whole time-change thing yet.  It’s already twilight by the time I get out of work, so by the time we’ve finished dinner, my internal clock thinks it’s bedtime and I can’t focus on anything.  Grr.


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    debka_notion said,

    I just have to say how very exciting your process is seeming to me- and making me think rather a bit about my own Hebrew name- especially combined with the moment where the gabbay at the shul where I was this weekend tried to give me an aliyah using my nickname, which is also a Hebrew name (although that’s not at all how I got it, and didn’t find out that it Was/could be a Hebrew name until I was in high school). My Hebrew name has never quite resonated with me, which I’ve sometimes felt rather guilty about. It isn’t that I dislike my biblical character- I’ve always thought she was pretty cool, really. And there’s a midrash that I learned about that she was married to Caleb, who is also just a really menschlikh guy. But still, I occasionally think about adding a second name to go with it, to push it in some direction that feels more integrated with me… Hmm, this may make itself into a post on my own blog, clearly with references to your thinking process removed unless you think it’s ok for me to include them…

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