— Got quite a bit done on Paper #1 for Management…the paper is much more interesting than the class.  I’m writing on management issues for the “blended workforce” — i.e., staff that includes temps, full-time employees, seasonal help, part-time students, etc.  It has some practical implications for my own minion supervision.

— Finished most of the things I want to put in this spiritual autobiography whatsit on the bus to and from class on Tuesday.  Now I just need to transcribe it onto the computer so that Rabbi Toba can actually read it.

— Ordered us 3 years of discount heating oil co-op membership and 25 pounds organic Maine-grown whole corn.  Whee!

— Received green and brown roving for tallit, as well as some red and purple rovings that were shiny.  The brown one is perfect, and the green one is excellent, but does not make me jump up and down maniacally petting it like the blue and brown ones do.  I need to decide whether I should try again for a perfect green one, use the one I have which is really quite nice, or just go with blue and brown.  It will depend a lot on what sort of stripe pattern we decide on, and I have rather a long time to figure this out, I think, given that Rosie is unlikely to have room for a loom in the truck she’s going to be driving to Florida tracking migrating whooping cranes ;-)  (Have I mentioned that my sister is awesome?  ‘Cause she is.  As is the rest of my family, really.)

— Checked out a large number of books on libraries in antiquity.  I’m doing a project for cataloging on organization of information before the invention of the printing press.  I am a happy, happy dork.

— Did not manage to make mutant marmalade, oatmeal cookies, or bread.

— Did not get around to putting flannel sheets on the bed or taking my laundry off the drying racks.  Both of these need to happen soon, because it’s cold, and the laundry included my long underwear.


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  1. 1

    tirerim said,

    My parents spent a summer driving around in a VW minibus with a harpsichord (and sleeping next to it in the back); a loom doesn’t seem that difficult.

    Also, heating oil co-op? How much do you pay? (We have a budget plan set up with our current company, so it’s probably not feasible for us to switch right now, but it would be useful to know about for the future.

  2. 2

    limesarah said,

    A warped loom in a potentially-rickety truck sounds like a recipe for rather, well, warped cloth. But that is awesome about the harpsichord!

    $20 for one year or $45 for three. I don’t have a sense of how much of a discount the oil itself is, because prices shot up a lot last year across the board.

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