I have a redunculous quantity of white wool roving and about 4oz of handpainted wool roving in beautiful shades of dark blue. Over the next rather a while, this will become string. Then, with the aid of my marvelous sister (if she can find the time in between raising baby whooping cranes!), it will become half the cloth for a tallit. I’m not going to subject Rosie to my attempts at handspun warp thread; that would be cruel and she would never make anything for me again ;-)

I’m currently trying to decide whether to go with just the blue and white, or ask the artist who did the blue roving to make me coordinating green and brown rovings to make a sort of earth-tones effect.

I also need to find something to do with the rest of the white roving when I’m done. Maybe I’ll do some more natural dye experimentation. I had estimated how much wool I’d need by looking at shipping estimates and rounding up a bit because I can’t spin thread as fine as is generally found in tallitot, without remembering that a) I only need half that much wool, and b) the venders are probably rounding up already so that they don’t undercharge for shipping. 2.5 pounds is a lot of wool. No, really. An 8-oz ball of fluffy roving is the size of my head. Must remember this in future.


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    debka_notion said,

    Just wanted to share my fondness for being involved in making one’s own tallit… You should also know that you can get string for the tzitzit at [insert your particular Local Judaica Shop} quite affordably, and that it does need to be spun with the intention of it being used for tzitzit. On the other hand, you could probably do some learning and spin your own, now that I think about it… That would use a little of your extra roving.

    Sorry I haven’t been in touch in a while- would love to talk/write, sometime when I can breathe, aka after next week)…

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