Dinner of awesome

I spent most of my day off yesterday making dinner. And cleaning. I seem to be channeling Ma Ingalls. Dinner consisted of:

Roast chicken (chicken, olive oil*, salt*, black pepper* lavender leaves, cooking wine*)
Peach Salsa, Green Tomato and Apple Salsa, and Barbecue Sauce (tomatoes, peaches, onions, peppers, hot peppers, apples, spices*, vinegar*, salt*, sugar*, pecans*, raisins*)
Whole wheat bread (fresh-ground flour, cracked wheat, yeast*, salt*, honey, olive oil*)
Salad (lettuce, lemon balm, vinegar*, tamari*, black pepper*)
Roasted Root Vegetables (beets, sweet potatoes, red potatoes, white potatoes, onions, olive oil*, salt*, black pepper*, lavender leaves)
Grape juice (grapes, squished)

*nonlocal ingredient

I now know how to make roast chicken, starting with a live chicken. I feel very accomplished :-) And there will be lots and lots of chicken noodle soup in our future. However, one important thing I learned about roasting a chicken is that if your chicken was a huge scary rooster the size of a small turkey, you need to follow the instructions for roasting a turkey, not those for roasting a 3-4 pound chicken. We ended up having to cut up the chicken and put it back in the oven so that we could have dinner at a reasonable hour. But it was so very, very tasty. Ben made chicken-root veggie gravy out of the pan drippings from the chicken and the toasty bits stuck to the bottom of the roast veggie pan.

Using cracked wheat in the bread worked really well. It didn’t add texture like I though it would, but I think the larger wheat bits hold liquid better, because the bread was incredibly moist and sweet. I will do this more often, and experiment with how high of a percentage cracked wheat I can get away with, since that grinds much faster than fine flour.

I also now have a magical mutant lemon and assorted leafy objects. I shall make magical mutant marmalade when I am done with it.


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