I am now 24. Whee! It’s been a good year.

We have tickets (or at least, things to tell the ticket machine at the station) for the Train Trip of Awesome this winter. Boston –> DC –> Chicago –> San Francisco –> Los Angeles –> Chicago –> Boston. We will be visiting my family in Maryland for a couple of days, then visiting Ben’s family in California. The San Francisco –> Los Angeles leg may be by car, with a stop somewhere scenic along the way. We have not arranged transit for that part yet. The Chicago –> California and back legs will be in roomettes, which include food. It was, for the record, about $2,000 round-trip and three days each way for two people for this adventure, not counting the inter-California bits. And it would have been quite a bit cheaper if we were willing to ride coach for the long stretches and/or if one half of the trip weren’t in peak holiday season. we’ll be sleeping in coach seats between Chicago and the east coast each way, which should be fine. The extra cost for the roommette is partly just worth it for the convenience of getting fed and thus not having to lug three days worth of pb&js and trail mix around each way. We’ll get semi-real meals in Chicago, as we’ve got several hours layover. Yay trains! If anyone has a special in with the weather gods, could you ask them nicely to not coat the passes through the Rockies in too much snow in early January? That’s the only thing I’m worried about.


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