In which it is definitely fall

The long underwear came out this morning…brrrr…

And last night I roasted up one of the delicata squashes from the CSA. This one was slighly darker yellow than the others and already had some tiny soft spots, so I think it was really, really ripe. This impression was supported by the fact that I could have served it for dessert with a dash of spice — no sugar needed! Instead, I scooped out the seeds and stuffed it with diced cauliflower, TVP, butter, salt, cumin, nutmeg, ginger, and white pepper, then roasted it until the skin just started to burn. Tasty, tasty squash. I’m curious to see if the paler yellow ones are this sweet — if so, I’m stocking up on lots of these at the farmer’s market! They would make amazing soup or pie or roasted and diced into stirfries or…really anything.


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    Emily said,

    Oh, my – delicatas are my favorite squash! I’ve had them astoundingly sweet, as you mention here, and also slightly underripe so they are almost starchy. Delicious both ways!

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