Sustainability meeting

So, I’m now the “sustainability rep” for our department. There was a meeting for all the sustainability reps, mostly discussing upcoming changes to the recycling system, but also discussing general questions and issues people had relating to energy and resource use. And we got free metal water bottles and travel mugs :-) People raised some excellent questions; I think this group will get stuff done! Especially exciting is the fact that the campus dining halls recycle their organic waste, so I could take some of our compostables there in the winter when it’s annoying to get out to the farm.

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    Herbert said,

    Yay. I’m supposed to be working with Sharples for sustainability stuff, but I have yet to be able to reach the head of Dining Services to work things out.

    Question about compost though. I want to save my kitchen scraps to add to the school’s compost pile. However, the pile is not convenient enough for me to visit daily, especially during foul weather, so I was wondering how you store your scraps so they don’t attract too many flies/make the kitchen smell. I don’t have any outside space in which to store things, unfortunately.

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