All healthified

I’ve been feeling generally fine since starting Project Sustainabilitify the Apartment, but I was kind of curious to know how the change to a seasonal diet has been affecting my health.  I just got back the results from routine tests I had done a little while back and had another checkup, and I am officially Healthy!  My cholesterol is very good, as is my blood sugar; I am not anemic, and my blood pressure is fine (borderline low today, but I think I was just dehydrated).  I’m slightly hyperthyroid, but that system is no longer being regulated by normal means, so that’s different and I will go pick up my new little pink pills later.  

Thin slices of eggplant and summer squash, seasoned and dehydrated to the point of crispness, are this household’s new favorite snack food :-)  Seriously, they’re really good!  You do seem to need an actual dehydrator, though — previous experiments in the oven didn’t get the proper texture.


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