Happy news on campus, and more food preserving

I am drying two large leeks (chopped), as well as some more squash.  The entire apartment smells like a giant onion!  I think I preferred the tomato smell…

Today will be the first trial of the Brandeis farmer’s market, featuring local farmers and bread from the campus bakery.  Yay!  They’ll be doing this all through September.  And then Friday as I was walking home, I saw two nice construction-type people installing Zipcar signs, so new transit options may be in our very near future!  A Bryn Mawr alumna near Harvard is holding a apple- and raspberry-picking on her organic farm in a few weeks, but I think my schedule is pretty full then.  I’ll check.  I may make my schedule less full for the sake of organic raspberry picking.

Update: The campus farmer’s market was an amazing success!  It ran from 12-3 and when we got there at maybe 12:30 it was already very busy.  The farmers were surprised to see such a turnout, and said that they should have brought more vegetables!  I’m seeing this becoming a more long-term institution… :-)

My classes have started.  Management is going to be mind-numbingly boring, but at least the professor is nice and he brings in cookies (organic even!  from a local company!).  Cataloging won’t start until Tuesday, but I’ve been doing the class reading (featuring the previously-mentioned unexpected prophet), and I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.  The lecture could easily turn out to be rather dull, but the actual subject is fascinating.  I will learn how to annotate the universe!  We will have an entire lecture on “aboutness”!


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