Yet another food preservation update

Dried: much zucchini, and a batch of plum and paste tomatoes is in now

Canned: five quarts of tomatoes, two quarts of sliced peaches in light honey-ginger syrup (deliberately packed fairly loosely so that there will be a lot of syrup left over.  I think I will add more honey and some pectin to the syrup and make it into jelly.  Otherwise it’ll be a delightful crepe or ice cream topping.)

Added 9/1: put in a batch of zucchini to dry, and am canning two more quarts of tomatoes (cooked down to a slightly more sauce/broth-like texture) and two pints plus one two-oz jar of spiced peach jam.  Possibly a little heavier on the spices than I’d intended, but still delicious.  Yes, it has been an excellent year for peaches, or at least for slightly bruised peaches available cheaply at the farmers’ market.


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