One Local Summer Wrapup

Yeah, so I kind of flaked out on the whole actually-posting thing…

For some reason, this summer hasn’t been a good one for cooking.  It might have been the class schedule, or it might have just been a generally uninspired few months, but there haven’t been too many stunning examples of interesting local food in this apartment.  Lots of sort of haphazard eating vegetables because they’re there.  I can pull up a few highlights, though (and maybe I’ll even get around to linking them to where I wrote about them, if applicable):

— Rhubarb custard, with local rhubarb and eggs

— Barbecued chicken that I helped dispatch, going about 20 yards from rooster to grill.

— Tasty cracked-spelt breakfast cereal from local spelt

— Lots of food preservation including pickles, salsa, chutney, and dried things with our new dehydrator.  Maybe there will be a new Dark Days Eat Local challenge?  I’ll have plenty of material for that ;-)

— Roasted baby summer squash with za’atar 

— Sauteed Summer: summer squash, squash blossoms, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, hot peppers, sweet corn, and okra all fried up with a little oil and salt

— Roasted corn on the cob

— Squash pie made with squash that lived happily on my bookshelf since December.  I’ve still got one left…

— A very spiky cucumber growing in the garden which will be turned into something eventually.


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    Kim said,

    Thanks for the wrap-up, Sarah! Every little bit means support for your local farms, open spaces and community.


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