More pickles

There are now 5 quarts and one pint of pickles sitting in the fridge to mellow.  They are:

Ginger-Garlic Pickles

Spicy Ginger Pickles

Spicy Cilantro Pickles

Very Spicy Pickles

Sweet 5-Spice Pickles

Sweet 5-Spice Yellow Squash Pickles (the pint)

Unless otherwise specified, they are standard pickling cucumber pickles.  I stuck some peaches in the freezer to keep until I can pick up some onions at the farmer’s market to make chutney.  Also in the freezer are two bags of grape juice, freshly squoze from some feral Concord grapes that were growing by the road to the CSA farm.  It is being saved for Sukkot, since we will have guests and it seems somehow thematically appropriate.  

I will now go remove the grape juice, tomato juice, pickling brine, and cucumber bits from where they are coating the kitchen.  Then I will light candles and actually eat food rather than compulsively putting it in jars.  If anyone catches me preserving food tomorrow, make me stop…


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