All back now

I am back in reality now.  This week was Good.  There were lots and lots and lots of nifty people who were incredibly welcoming and friendly, and a creative writing class that defies description, and I made a little art quilt, and I ate half a blueberry (they weren’t really ripe yet), and I didn’t go mountain climbing, and there was an utterly transcendent roundsing, and I went to several text study things, and a couple of morning and evening services that were slightly frustrating due to lack of transliterations, and a Shabbat service that had transliterations and much dancing but was somehow not really what I needed after the preceeding week, and nothing was auctioned off for an impressive final bid, and there were geese everywhere, and I now have singing and religion coming out the ears, and I thought about many things and was inspired, and I kind of need a new bookshelf now but BOOKS! some of which were free!, and I went to an encyclopedia party, and encyclopedia parties exist (where by “encyclopedia party” I mean “siyyum”), and there was rain and thunder and lightning and hail and a rainbow and sunlight and rain and hail in that order over the course of an afternoon, and I learned the blessing for rainbows, and there were a rather amusing number of librarians, and it was oddly but pleasantly irrelevant most of the time that I’m not actually Jewish yet, and I showed off my tiny spindle to many people, and there was a neat social justice networking project and an intergenerational conversation on gender, and I ate many cookies.

I may write up a longer description of the past week, but I am likely to forget.  If anyone wants a longer description of any of these items, let me know and it will dramatically increase the likelihood that such a writeup will happen.  If anyone wants to see the results from the creative writing class, I may be willing to share them individually once I get past my current state of “Ack I wrote stuff and it must be buried in a deep hole and NEVER SEEN AGAIN”.


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  1. 1

    Shiny Anna said,

    I want to hear all about everything!

  2. 2

    Mom said,

    The Germans would be proud of that first sentence!

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