More local deliciousness

Dinner last night was roasted corn on the cob with a tomato omelet with onions and garlic and a lemon cucumber salad. Next time, we should boil the corn for a few minutes before roasting it, so that it doesn’t have time to dry out quite so much, but it was very tasty. The lemon cucumber salad had lemon cucumbers (they’re round and yellow!) with lemon balm and lemon juice and a touch of salt. Very refreshing :-)

Then today for lunch I made sauteed rainbow chard and leftover jasmine rice with shallots, salt, and fennel, with an egg broken over the top like you do with corned beef hash. It made a great one-skillet lunch, and I’d forgotten how much I like chard. Mmmmmm….colorful vegetables!

At the farmer’s market on Saturday we picked up some water spinach and amaranth greens from a Korean (I think?) farmstand which was also selling squash blossoms and squash vines. The amaranth and water spinach are fairly similar — both long stalks with tapered leaves, though the amaranth has deep red veins and the water spinach has hollow stems. They’re delicious as a spinach substitute. (Too tough to eat raw, though.)

And finally, the cracked spelt cereal was quite successful. It takes only slightly longer to cook than oatmeal, but doesn’t boil over or go all gummy as easily.

Tonight, I will make a big batch of corn-tomato salsa and can it, and I will roast and freeze some summer squash. We’ll be away all next week, so we need to eat or preserve all the veggies by then.


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