Goats and alpacas and sheepses

I found a useful set of plastic drawers that the neighbors evidently don’t want anymore.  I’m not really surprised that they don’t want them — the drawers are narrow but deep, making them unuseful for most purposes.  But what they are perfect for is storing wool!  I can stick the drawers in a corner and fill them with fluff for easy access.  I just finished a skein of 2-ply mohair-cashmere yarn, another skein of the rest of the mohair, and some three-ply stripy white-grey-black alpaca.  I started to spin up that Jacob fleece I washed, but the sun damage was worse than I’d thought, and it’s coming out really coarse and hairy.  I need to decide what I want to do with it.  Meanwhile, I think I will start spinning up the pretty stripy purple wool-silk blend that a lovely person gave me for my birthday :-)  I am working on spinning very fine yarn, in preparation for two large projects I have coming up.


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