Classes are over for the summer, so I have somewhat of a life back. Censorship and Intellectual Freedom was excellent, but it would have been much better in a full-semester form. I have about a month’s break before the fall in which I’m taking Cataloging and Management, both of which are required. Management should be pretty light, and Cataloging will eat my soul.

The potatoes are still all sprawly and healthy looking. No idea whether they’re growing actual potatoes. There are a couple of squash or cucumber vines developing…I bet at least some of them will have fruit by the time it freezes. All the crazy rain has been making weeds take over the CSA, but at least we have lots of squash and cucumbers (And I planted more of them. Because we didn’t get much from the farm last year. Well, at least squash can be dried or frozen.).

There was tasty toasted cow bits for dinner last night, with spicy Thai eggplant and quinoa with shallots. On Wednesday we had rice paper rolls, which will probably be lunch today also, with the rest of the cow bits. There were many many beans at the farm, so I’m going to make dilly beans. Just the refrigerator kind, though…I’m sort of leery of trying to ferment anything at this point. Soon we will have an actual dehydrator to dry things in.

I should obviously not be allowed on the Local Harvest website when feeling cranky. But I will have so much lovely wool :-) I also ordered a ball winder, not from Local Harvest.

Also, PSA for people I haven’t told this to yet — I am in the process of converting to Judaism. It is a happy thing :-)


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    debka_notion said,

    B’sha’ah Tovah on the conversion process. (This is a congratulatory wish for something not yet finished- literally it is wishing that it happen “in a good hour”- it’s the same wish used for impending babies.)

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