One local salad

This week has not had an awful lot of all-local food…my last summer class is on Tuesday, so I’m kind of out of energy.  But Ben braved the rain to pick up the CSA share today (yay! love!), and I made a giant salad out of tasty summer veggies.  Lettuce, multicolored carrots, a purple pepper, and tomatoes, with a simple dressing of tamari, black pepper, and lemon juice.

On Friday I processed the rest of the spelt in the grain grinder into what should be a tasty cracked-grain breakfast cereal.  I was meaning to try it this morning, but it was too muggy for hot cereal.  The dried zucchini molded.  It obviously needs to be drier.  I’m feeling a bit gloomy about my ability to preserve things, but at least I have jam.  Lots and lots of jam.

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