No more pickles

One of the pickles was all mushy, and they all tasted kind of odd. They are going away. I think the moral of the story is that pickling things in July is not a good idea in this kitchen. If I try for pickles again, I’ll do the quick not-actually-fermented kind. I’ll make another go with kimchi and such in the fall when it’s cooler.


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    Belle said,

    I am sorry that your pickles turned out mushy. I have never made pickles, I don’t care for them myself. My family likes them though…maybe I will grow some next year.

    I love to can! The green beans are coming on, soon it will be time to can them. MY family LOVES green beans! My family and I have been busy with the wild blackberries. We have lots of blackberry briars in our woods. We are picking them and freezing them for later on in the year, when we have time to make jellies and cobblers with them.

    God gives us such wonderful things! I am very thankful for the yummy foods he provides us with, ecspecially the wild foods. He gives us wild blackberries, wild rasberries, walnuts, hickory nuts, paw-paws, mushrooms, and so much more!!!

    I hope you have a nice day!

    BTW….I found your blog through the goods4girls site. I am donating some pads to them. I sell pads on my blogstore ~From the Past~, so I am donating one pad per every pad purchased. I have been working on a package for goods4girls this week.

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