Turned in paper today.  Have lost ability to spell the word “Israeli”.  Now I can return to things like Dealing With the Zucchini and figuring out whether we should get a food dehydrator and making emergency “bug-out” bags.  And sleeping.  Lots of sleeping.  Someone from the ACLU came to our class today to talk about intellectual freedom issues relating to the USA PATRIOT Act and related unpleasantness.  Could our government please stop resembling Germany in the early 30s?  It’s really creeping me out.  I am going to avail myself of ACLU resources to alert me of anything a sleep-deprived grad student can do to make things less evil.  Most likely this will involve giving them money and signing petitions.  And writing Senators.  My Representative for the most part is seriously nifty on things like that, and so mainly requires thank-you notes, which take less brain.  Mmm….brains.


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    Meadowlark said,

    When you figure out what those things are, pass them along in a post.
    I’d like to be more politically active, but never seem to know what’s going on until someone else alerts me.

    I did sign up for a couple of those “what’s congress doing” sites (OpenCongress and GovWatch I think) but I’m still clueless.

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