Soup of the Evening

I had another Incompetent Grad Student moment this morning, and so my breakfast was some applesauce canned from last summer, and lunch was a large Snicker’s bar from the staff room vending machine and some pistachios.  This, I decided, was a problem.  Once I get down to it, cooking is rejuvinating; it’s just getting up enough oomph to start making anything.  

For dinner tonight, I decided I wanted soup, since there hasn’t been much soup around here lately.  I tend to make fairly hearty soups by default, and they’re not really a summer food.  For this soup, I simmered Quite a Lot of Kale and three small onions (both chopped fairly fine) along with orzo, in water with a good spoonful of the salt stock, some more salt (salt stock isn’t as salty as vegetable bullion, it turns out), a hearty squirt of lemon juice, and some olive oil.  I put a nasturtium blossom from the garden on top to garnish it.  

It needed…something.  Black pepper, possibly?  Or maybe fennel?  Or a very light chicken broth?  It was just the sort of thing I was looking for — light, while still being reasonably filling, and the lemon juice added a summery brightness — but it still needed something to deepen the flavor.  There’s leftovers, so I’ll add black pepper to the next bowl and see if that helps.  It was, in any case, a good basic paradigm, and would be even quicker if I used lamb’s quarters or Asian greens instead of kale.  This wasn’t quite a One Local Summer meal, but the kale, onions, and salt stock herbs all came from the CSA.


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    Shiny Anna said,

    I make a similar-sounding soup with kale, onions, potatoes, and sausage. Possibly that small amount of meat (or TVP sausage) would work in your version as well; it adds some flavor and substance but isn’t too overpowering.

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