Doing the headless chicken dance

I was going to track what food I ate this week, and probably next week as well, just so I could have a good idea of what bulk stores and fresh foods we actually eat and how much of them we go through on a regular basis. But this week was evidently not a good week for it. Between trying to clean up a disaster-area apartment and write a paper and it being all hot and stifling here, I’ve had difficulty just getting around to cooking anything. Last night, despite having just brought home a lovely farmshare, neither of us were capable of making dinner, and we had to pay the nice Thai people to bring us dinner in little boxes. Oh, well. After Tuesday, it’ll all be downhill in terms of coursework, and Ben is being a wonderful beloved and organizing the apartment.

And it’s a bit odd tracking this stuff in high summer anyway, because optimally we should be eating a minimal amount of grains and beans with lots and lots of fresh vegetables and a bit of tofu and eggs and such. Ideally, I should have been tracking this in winter when we’re at peak stored-food-consumption anway.


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