In which I appear to have been channelling Sharon

I spent most of this past Friday cooking.  Friends came over for an excellent weekend of much discussions, and I had the whole day off, so there needed to be pie.  I made a butternut squash pie out of one of the butternuts from December and a pecan pie with pecans from a family farm in Texas and some of our local buckwheat honey.  It gave it this wonderful dark molassesy taste, and was dentist-defyingly sticky.  The butternut pie was a little too strongly squash-flavored for my taste, but wasn’t bad, and other people seemed to like it.  I also made challah, and Ben made breakfast bars.  And then we went to the store and got more flour and sugar :-)  

I made the pies while reading The Moon is a Harsh Mistress for the Post-Apocalyptic Book Club…I have no idea why I liked that book at age 12.  Realize that I was almost entirely politically oblivious until early college and thus most of the political intrigue went completely over my head.  The political intrigue was *most of the book* and I’ve never been a huge fan of laser gun space opera.  *shrug*  I liked it then, I like it now, and that’s really the important part.  The women are less annoyingly objectified than in many of Heinlein’s books.

In other news, our CSA is teaming up with a start-up bee farm to do honey shares!  The hives are near the farm so that the bees pollinate the farm crops, the shareholders get to learn about beekeeping and can buy honey shares, and everyone is happy. :-)  Except maybe the bees, who might feel a bit miffed at having their honey taken away.   Or, at least, they might if bees were capable of doing “miffed”.


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