Independence Days — 6/29

Planted: Nothing, but the cucurbits I planted last week sprouted!  I was worried they’d get washed away by the rain.  The potatoes got a bit battered, but seem to be recovering nicely.

Harvested: A few sugar snaps from the garden, plus strawberries, peas, raspberries, basil, and a ridiculous quantity of lamb’s quarters from the CSA farm (and the stuff other people harvested for me).

Preserved: Froze lamb’s quarters and snow peas, and will freeze more lamb’s quarters and hopefully can strawberry jam today.

Stored/Managed: Stored 10 pounds of honey (5 wildflower, 5 buckwheat), and discovered that the dried wild onions had become all moldy.  Booo.  The spelt is still not grinding as well as the wheat and rye, but the key with softer grains seems to be to grind them on a coarser setting.   You get larger chunks of bran, but the actual flour is still very fine.

Learned: How to scour wool.  After I finish this post, I will finally be able to do laundry, because the fleece will be dry and can be removed from the drying rack.  I will launder the towels used for the first stage of drying, so that the bathroom will no longer smell like a wet sheep.  The wool cards up beautifully — I think this will make very nice lustrous fine thread/yarn.  I also inadvertently spent about 5 hours studying Hebrew with Ben yesterday afternoon.  It has nothing to do with this project, but is definitely something I learned this week.  And I learned about copyright law and censorship, which actually often does pertain to this project, at least in the administration’s distressing tendency to remove EPA reports from public access.



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