An update on the rest of my life

I was in NYC Thursday and Friday.  We ate bagels and I petted the lions at the library and we walked all over the place and Times Square is full of blinky lights and we went through bits of Central Park but did not ride on the merry-go-round and we saw a very noisy art installation and we had very tasty vegetarian Korean food and we bought challah at this cute little bakery and in conclusion New York is terrifying and is going to eat me.  But Ben is a good beloved.  He kept New York from eating me.

We then went to Parsippany, NJ for a filk convention.  It was a good convention, with good people and good singing, but I finished The Lemon Tree Saturday morning, which was a bad idea on that little sleep.  Israel is a difficult topic, and stress and sleep deprivation plus that book caused a minor meltdown.  But then I felt better.  And there were bagpipes.  Bagpipes make everything better, particularly when used as heavy artillery against the booming base beat coming from the party in the next room.  

All that excitement appears to have temporarily disabled my immune system, and I had some short-lived but severe cold on Monday and stayed home from work.  Tuesday was the first day of my summer class on censorship and intellectual freedom, which is going to be excellent.  It’s 9:30-4:30, which will be…interesting.  The professor is an absolute character.


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    Anonymous said,

    You need to avoid Times Square. Midtown tries to eat everyone. My mother does not understand this, and suggests Lydia and I should “check our bags in Port Authority and go outside and have fun in midtown.” Midtown is terrifying.

    The rest of New York is really not that bad. I swear. Although I am glad Ben kept Midtown from eating you, so I get to see you in a week.

    I’m sorry I missed Contata. I guess I’ll try and do more cons next year.

  2. 2

    Jen said,

    Times Square is one of the worst places on earth. I get so claustrophobic in the crowds and thus only go to Midtown if I cannot avoid it. I’m glad you survived!

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