One Local Noodle

Well, actually quite a lot of local noodles.

Dinner tonight was thick homemade whole-grain spelt noodles (local home-ground spelt flour, local eggs) with garlic scape pesto (CSA garlic scapes, CSA sweet basil, nonlocal olive oil + salt), tofu (local tofu, presumably from non-local soybeans) and roasted summer squash (CSA squash).  I served it with a radish-salad turnip salad (CSA radishes and turnips, nonlocal lime juice, nonlocal sesame oil, nonlocal salt) for a dash of spicy-sour.  I really liked the effect of the hearty thick noodles (if I had to label them, they would probably be pappardelle, however you spell it) with the very garlicky pesto.  It was filling, but still summery and green from the scapes and the hint of basil.  Later there will be fresh strawberries for dessert.

I roasted the squash separately in the toaster oven.  I am doing that every time I cook squash!  These were perfect little green-and-yellow striped squashes, and they were beautifully tender and sweet when roasted.  We also have a large light-green middle eastern summer squash, the name of which I forget.  Roasting larger squash slices in batches in the toaster oven would still heat the house less than turning on the big oven and…yum.  I’d been a bit worried, because I somehow am always disappointed by steamed or sauteed summer squash, but roasting them is just the thing.  Though one side effect of me not knowing how to use steamed summer squash is that we still have quite a bit of it in the freezer from last year.  Maybe I’ll make soup.

From the CSA pickup today, we have the first of the beets (stripey ones!) waiting to be steamed or roasted or something, plus quite a lot of sugar snap and snow peas.  The peas are getting a bit overmature, so I think these will be for stir-frying rather than snacking.  We also tasted the first of the raspberries from the bush behind the hoophouse — one berry each.  Summer makes tasty little finger puppets :-)  Squawking around by the raspberries was a cute little juvenile killdeer — the little flags the farm crew put up seem to have kept people from accidentally squishing the eggs.  There is also a house sparrow nest in the roof of the pickup shelter; the mother sparrow can’t match the killdeers in terms of maternal outrage when you go near her nest, but she makes a good try at it.  

The fleece is quite clean (a few dirty ends need to be snipped off), and is laid out on towels on the folded-out couch to dry.  This makes me very happy.  Scouring fleece is much easier than I thought it would be!  

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  1. 1

    Chile said,

    I really enjoy sliced squash cooked up in my Geo. Foreman grill. A little salt and pepper is all it needs.

  2. 2

    Kim said,

    I’m jealous of your homegrown flour, Sarah. But I’ve never used spelt – is it more hearty than regulary, whole-grain wheat flour?

  3. 3

    limesarah said,

    Spelt actually tends to be lighter in flavor and texture than whole wheat — that’s one reason I like it for noodles. It’s a softer grain, so you don’t get that sort of gritty texture that whole wheat noodles have.

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