Shopping trip and other assorted expeditions

I have new shoes!  We went to the New Balance outlet and I have new sneakers, plus comfortable dress shoes and sandals which actually fit!  I haven’t had either dress shoes or sandals that fit properly in years.  And those three pairs together cost about $125.  Not bad at all, and I will wear them until they fall apart.

After the shoe expedition, we had dinner at a Tibetan restaurant which had The Best Vegetable Broth I Have Ever Had.  Often, veggie broth ends up being sort of thin and celery-ish and disappointing.  But this was rich and mushroomy and yet neither overly oily nor just a standard dashi stock (nothing wrong with dashi, but it’s not my favorite sort of soup).  I must figure out how to duplicate this food!  The rest of dinner was also tasty — excellent momos (dumplings), sizzling fried noodles, and a lovely basmati rice pudding for dessert.

Ben did all the vegetable-fetching this week in the interest of time, and we now have more tatsoi, a huge bunch of assorted Asian greens (I have a picture I’ll put up later later of me holding it like a bouquet — it even has flowers!), multicolored radishes, purple kholrabis, purple scallions (purple vegetables are very important), salad turnips, garlic scapes, lots of sugar snap peas, and some strawberries!   The radishes and turnips both have copious greens.


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