One Local Summer — Week the Third

Last week and this week are full of vacation, so I haven’t had as much time to cook. Last weekend I technically ate quite a lot of local food — I ate more seafood in that weekend than I normally do in a month, and almost all of it was straight out of the waters off the New England coast. But most of the vegetables and such were presumably not local, and some of the fish weren’t necessarily from sustainable populations. Then starting tomorrow I’ll be in New York City and at a filk convention in New Jersey, where I will be eating mostly plants, but presumably not local plants. So today, I am trying to eat all three meals as local as possible.

Breakfast: oatmeal from Maine with fair-trade sugar, local honey, and nonlocal cinnamon.

Lunch: A Giant Salad. It consisted of strawberries so ripe they dyed adjacent bits of salad red, thinly shredded purple kohlrabi, chopped purple scallions, green buttercrisp lettuce, and sugar snap peas. No dressing, just a huge bowl of delicious vegetables and berries. I didn’t quite finish it; I’ll eat the rest for a snack after work. My body seemed unconvinced that that had been sufficient food, so I had a handful of pecans — not local, but bought directly from a family farm in Texas. I still feel like lunch should maybe have involved a few more things that don’t consist mostly of fiber and water. But it was very tasty, and wonderfully colorful. I’ll have more filling things for dinner.

Dinner: I chopped up and sauteed half of a spicy beef sausage (from local happy cows) with some CSA garlic scapes and a little non-local oil, then added some water, a bit of homemade apple cider vinegar, and some chopped assorted Asian greens.  I braised the whole thing until the greens were done, then poured it trencher-style over a sort of giant pancake thing I made out of home-ground local wheat and spelt flour, a local egg, and some nonlocal salt and baking powder.  It was highly successful.  Simple, filling, and delicious.  In the oven is a highly experimental dessert consisting of leftover oatmeal, flour, eggs, honey, butter, and baking soda (all local except the baking soda, but the flour is only locally milled).  It is intended to be a sort of cookie-bar type thing.  Me baking without a recipe is often dangerous, but I’m not sure how this can fail to be at least tasty, if possibly lacking in structural cohesiveness.


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  1. 1

    Kim said,

    Ooooh, Maine oatmeal – where can I get me some?

  2. 2

    Nicole said,

    I’m super jealous of your local oats. We have no such thing here in Philly (that I can find).

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