Independence Days — 6/18

Again, this is super-early because I’ll be away starting tomorrow.  Coming attractions for next week: watch Sarah try to keep up with all this while taking an intensive six-week library course!  Whee!  I should note that most of the following was done today…I’ve been productive.

Plant Something: I did plant something this week!  The garlic was declared officially Dead, so I planted patty-pan squash and pickling cucumbers in that spot, along with more in the place where the tulip was and the place where the soybeans didn’t sprout.  We’ll see if they grow at all, let alone produce fruit, but the garden as a whole is an adventure.  I hilled the potatoes again.  They are an unqualified success and are in fact threatening to take over the garden!  Unfortunately, I also snapped a large branch off of two of them, but hopefully they’ll live.

Harvest Something: There are a total of about 10 sugar snap peas that I’ll harvest tomorrow morning from the garden so that I can take them to New York and share them with Ben.  They’re not quite at peak ripeness, but by Monday they’ll be overripe.  I grew edible stuff!  Yay!  Only I can’t find the watering can and things are looking a little wilty.  There’s a fair chance of rain sometime the weekend. *crosses fingers*

Preserve Something: If I get around to it, I’ll blanch and freeze some of the tatsoi.  We’ll eat it when we get back if I don’t, and it should be fine until then.

Store Something: Two big cans of tomatoes and three small cans of collard greens.

Manage Stores: I got a big thing of bay leaves which I will strew throughout the stored grains.

Cook Something New: I cooked with meat on my own for the first time in several years, and appear to have invented some sort of oatmeal brownie…custard…thing.  It’s all golden and buttery and delicious-looking.

Local Food Systems: Nothing active, but I learned that some friends in Cambridge have a farmshare that delivers by tricycle and includes potted herbs, jam, eggs and bread along with the standard veggies.


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  1. 1

    tirerim said,

    What do the bay leaves do for the grains? Just make them smell slightly like bay, or do they keep pests away or something like that?

    An ordinary water bottle works pretty well as a watering can, or at least that’s what I used to use for my philodendron, which is admittedly not picky. You’ve reminded me that I should check the basil, though.

  2. 2

    limesarah said,

    They help keep bugs away. I’d thought about just using a water bottle or something, but that would take a really long time and I was tired. :-/

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