Tiny Riot Update

I got an electric bill notification in my email and at first was appalled at the cost, and tried to figure out what on earth could have caused our usage to spike so high.  But then I checked the actual usage, and it turns out that I just forgot to pay it last month.  Our actual usage was only 153kwh!  That’s the lowest it’s been in months!  *happy dance*

I bought a hat this weekend for $26.  I’d been watching out for one in thrift stores, but this truly is an excellent sturdy sunhat — foldable, the right size, and a beautiful shade of green.  I also just bought used books on Amazon for about $70 total; $7 counting for Riot totals due to the used discount.  I will have a Hebrew textbook and workbooks.  One of them that I checked out of the Brandeis library illustrates common mistranslations with extremely entertaining cartoons that I must show to people.  I also ordered that book on environmental themes in Tolkien.


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    Chile said,

    Congratulations on the electric usage! How are you doing with limiting your Internet time? Report in for the Quit Now Challenge check-in!

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