Independence Days — 6/13

Friday the 13th! *hums Twilight Zone theme*

I made tasty mostly-local pancakes for breakfast today. I’m getting pretty speedy with my pancakes.

Other than the pancakes, I haven’t done much of anything independence-related this week. Partly, it’s been too *bleep*ing hot. We did clean the kitchen, which may have stopped the incipient ant invasion. And we finally moved the bulk grains to the basement and put them in a slightly less dusty area than they had been in before. If you count CSA pickups, I did harvest two strawberries and a pint of sugar snap peas.

In garden news, the potatoes are taking over, the legumes are growing nicely, the nasturtiums are perking up, and the sugar snap peas have flowers. The garlic, on the other hand, may be dead. I’m going to be away this weekend, and if it has miraculously revived, yay, but if not, I think I’ll plant some more edamame. And maybe chard.

I’ve started “Lucifer’s Hammer” for the Post-Apocalyptic Book Club. It’s ok, but not great. It’s definitely going to be a “classic guy’s apocalypse”, and the apocalypse hasn’t even happened yet. I can’t keep track of all the characters because most of them are such utterly boring business-types.


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