Yesterday was the first CSA pickup of the year.  We have trout speckled lettuce, green butterhead lettuce, green deertongue lettuce, multicolored radishes, tatsoi, a chinese cabbage, sugar snap peas, and spinach.  We got to pick the peas ourselves, along with two delicious strawberries which we ate on the spot.  While picking the strawberries, a mother killdeer did her best to distract us from her nest by emitting distressed noises and looking injured.  I’ve seen that on nature shows, but it was so much different to see one actually carrying on three feet in front of me!  She had four beautiful pointy speckled eggs, and is probably going to severely regret laying them in the strawberry patch.  There are several other killdeer nests around the farm this year.  

We made summer rolls with rice paper skins, cellophane noodles, and shredded CSA vegetables for dinner last night, along with some rosemary-olive oil rolls picked up at the grocery store, because I thought we needed something a bit more substantial to go with them.  Sugar snap peas are amazing in summer rolls!  I made a dipping sauce out of tamari, honey, lime juice, sesame oil, and chili oil.


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