Other neat charity news

So, first off, one last plug for Goods 4 Girls — there is currently a drive to raise funds in honor of the wonderful Crunchy Chicken, a magnificent and funny blogger and the founder of Goods for Girls, who is going through some difficult times right now.  Go, donate!  There are more options for discounted pads through vendors for the next month!

Also, I’ve recently found out through their news blog that Kiva, an extremely popular microfinance charity that I donate to, is now funding businesses for approximately 1% of the population of Samoa.  On the one hand, it’s worrying that there are almost no local institutions that are that successful at getting people out of poverty.  On the other hand, more or less random people around the world are helping 1% of Samoans become self-sufficient.  And that’s just nifty.  


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