I’m meeelllttiiiinnngggg….

According to the weather report, the high for today is 92, but it is in fact 100.5 degrees outside.  It will drop to the high 80s tomorrow.  I’m not sure I believe them. I’m biking to West Newton for a meeting with Rabbi T. at 4, and then if Ben and I feel that it’s not dangerously hot, we’ll bike to the farm from there.  If it’s too hot to bike to the farm, we’ll probably just have to leave the bikes locked up somewhere unobtrusive in Newton and take the bus back, because that will probably mean that it’s too hot to bike home.

I actually managed to injure myself with a book today!  I was taking a large hardcover government document off the top shelf and dropped it such that it fell over my shoulder and the corner hit me just above and behind the right hip, hard enough to draw blood.  I’m kind of impressed.  Also, I now am officially in favor of a smaller government, at least until the gov. doc. project is over.  Smaller governments produce less paperwork. :-b

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    Chile said,

    Wow, a book injury! It’s nice to see there are other people out there capable of injuring themselves in creative ways. I thought I was the only one. (Whiplash from a sneeze, anyone? Laid out on my back from moving a grand piano across a stage for a concert….with the brakes locked on the wheels? More, but they’re too embarassing to mention.)

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