Beef stir-fry with noodles

Dinner was stir-fried beef and green beans with homemade whole wheat egg noodles.  We marinated the beef in a little rice wine, fresh ginger, tamari, and scallions, then stir-fried it with onions, garlic, quite a bit of white pepper, more tamari and rice wine, and sesame oil.  The noodles were tossed in at the last minute to heat up and soak up a bit of the sauce.  The beef, whole wheat flour, and egg were all local, and we served it with local sparkling apple cider, out on the back porch because it’s *gorgeous* out.  It would have been nice to use local vegetables as well, and we have some greens, but the beans really needed to get used up.

The beef was tasty, but didn’t contribute as much to the stir-fry as I was hoping it would.  I haven’t eaten land meat in any quantity in about five years, so I’ve almost forgotten what it tastes like and what it would be good in.  This was also not exactly the most succulent bit of the cow.  We still have half of it left in the freezer, so maybe the next experiment will be a soup or something that will have time to let the cow flavor suffuse the rest of the dish.  Maybe I’ll try a beef-lentil soup sometime when I’m really craving protein.


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