Independence Days — 6/30

The last couple weeks have ended up unintentionally focused on spiritual stuff rather than food preservation, but that’s ok.  The harvest season hasn’t actually hit yet here, and I have a pretty good handle on our basic long-term stuff.  The potatoes are growing really quickly, and the salsify seems to have recovered from its move.  This weekend, I’m going to try to hill up some compost and such around the potatoes for more tuberous goodness.

Ben poured the rest of the can of coconut milk used for curry a couple days ago into an ice cube tray, so we now have coconut milk in convenient frozen cubes that will last longer than an open can in the fridge.  That’s sort of preservation, right?  We also picked up a couple more boxes of that highly-discounted Yogi Tea.

We had some of the first dark green leafy things in a while, because Ben went to Russo’s and found local spinach and baby bok choy.  Mmmm….chlorophyll…  We also have local rhubarb, local tofu, beans of unknown origin, and a few very not local but very tasty fresh lychees.  I sauteed the spinach and bok choy with the lychees and some standard Asian ginger-soy sauce, over rice noodles, which worked quite well.  

My one real advance this week was that I started some sprouts!  As in, for eating, not for growing into plants.  The first batch of wheat sprouts got moldy because I didn’t rinse them enough (they will be composted and turned into vegetables), but the second batch is already growing little tails and looks fine.  If things are going well, I’ll get some mung beans next time we go to the co-op.  

Dinner tonight: roasted green beans with (copious quantities of) (local) garlic and (nonlocal) olive oil, panfried tofu in an egg-cornmeal-scallion batter (local everything but the scallions), and bread from local honey and eggs and wheat we ground ourselves.

At some point I will do a post on the official end of the Riot year.


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