And in other news…

We were going to go to a cookout yesterday, but missed the bus :-(  Instead, we had a nice day at home, and went out to dinner to make up for the lack of interesting food.  The Asian Grill on Moody St. has a quite acceptable tofu bibim bap.  I need to get one of those stone pots for next winter.  We were then going to get ice cream, but everyone else had evidently also decided that ice cream was a good idea on such a glorious early summer evening, so we just stopped at the Hannaford on the way home and picked some up and ate it at home with some home-canned apples.  Mmmmm…

I can now read the Hebrew alphabet!  Yaaaay!  My inability to read things had been really starting to get annoying.  I can’t *understand* much of anything yet, but that will be much easier to fix now.  This still does not enable me to figure out what Hebrew books are at work, due to the distressing lack of vowels.  For that, I need vocabulary and context and stuff.


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