Independence Days — 5/23

Not a lot going on here this week, but a lot of maintenance.

As described, the garden is doing well, so hopefully at some point I’ll have something to put in the “planted” and “harvested” categories.

Stored/Managed: I’ve transfered more grains to glass quart jars, so that now I’m pretty close to set.  I can now make up a chart to track when I go through a quart of something.  Between the two of us, Ben and I have ground enough flour to make a loaf or two of wheat bread…wheat, usefully enough, grinds particularly quickly and easily.

Cooked: Once more, that medieval spice blend comes to the rescue in a lentil-rice soup.  I’ve also been making more oatmeal, which is not exactly new and adventurous but is a good breakfast food that I somehow never get up the oomph to make.

Local food systems: The Copley farmer’s market opened on Tuesday, and as it turns out, there’s an express but that’ll take me right there after work in time to catch the last half-hour.  That doesn’t seem really worth it given that there’s no express to take me back and I’ll have to go the long way, but it’s worth remembering.  The Davis and City Hall markets open next Wednesday, and then I can visit BDan while going to Davis.  So I’ll probably go on Wednesday.  The Waltham one opens the Saturday after that, and the CSA shares start the second week of June.  Our fridge and freezer are distressingly empty.  Soon, I will fix that.  They will be filled with lettuce and rhubarb.


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