Gardening update and book request

The garden is going quite swimmingly, now that I’ve gotten over the disappointment of not using the whole yard.  In the boxes, we have an adorable little purple mustard plant as well as a couple other braising greens Ben rescued.  The salsify has recovered from its brief battle with dehydration, and the beans, peas, and soybeans are all looking wonderful.  In the actual gardeny bit, the garlic continues to look healthy, though it doesn’t seem to be growing very quickly.  The potatoes and legumes, on the other hand, are really taking off.  The are a couple of nasturtiums coming up in the main bit of the yard that Ben plans to rescue.

I just got the Hebrew textbook we’re using for the Intro to Judaism class I’m taking.  It is very very basic — really just for learning to read the script, almost no vocabulary and no grammar at all.  As a linguistics major, this makes me Sad.  I *like* Semitic morphology; it’s nifty!  I know there are other language and/or religion geeks reading this — does anyone know of a good Hebrew textbook for beginners that actually teaches you about the language?


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