Growing Challenge, plus life

We have several adorable little potato sproutlings, including three purple ones!  No red ones that I can identify, but maybe they’re not so obviously red when they sprout.  Not as many peas and beans are coming up as I’d hoped, but the ones we transplanted are doing very well.  The salsify is looking a little sad.

I made another batch of that rosemary-olive bread with actual olives in it this time.  It turned out very well, though somehow with not quite enough salt despite the added olives.  I served it with potato-leek-fish chowder, which I made a giant batch of so that I could take the extra to the MASSFILC meeting.

Ben and I went to see Prince Caspian after a lovely afternoon of light gaming in Cambridge.  It was good to see people.  The movie was also excellent — best use of griffons ever!  Though it did remind me of why I didn’t like that book as much as some of the other Narnia books.  It’s almost entirely a military campaign, which to start with isn’t quite my cup of tea, and then it’s even more a Lucy’s Faith Saves the Day book than some of the others are.  “Nothing happens the same way twice”…and in this case, instead of the characters learning and developing like in Wardrobe, Caspian is the only one who really develops and lots of more or less unnecessary messy death happens, and then Aslan shows up and causes more messy death.  But still.  The movie was really well done.  The fact that it’s almost entirely a military campaign meant that it really gained something by being movie-fyed.  And they dropped heavy foreshadowing for Dawn Treader, which is going to be *awesome*.


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    James said,

    Okay, worst choice for the ending song ever, yeah? Regina Spector does not belong in epic fantasy movies. I saw the midnight showing so the theater was full of other college kids, so it was great how the whole audience groaned at the same time my friends and I did.

    But yes, great fun for the most part. The Dawn Treader will be great.

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