Free cloth pads — boy-type folks may wish to skip this one

I was almost happy that it’s that time of the month, because this means that I get to try out my nifty new cloth pads. One of them has monkeys on it :-) Cheerful multicolored monkeys. They are from New Moon Pads, and were quite economical. They’re very comfortable and stay in place even without the wings, and they wash out completely so long as you get them in the laundry quickly. But as the sole mopping-up device, they’re still annoying in some of the same ways disposables are to me, so I think I prefer them as backup for the Keeper and for those first and last couple days of spotting. And in that case, I will keep the two “new moon” sized ones in the interesting prints, but I should get some in a smaller size for general use.

I now have five brand new wingless pads (4×12 inches) in a pleasing swirly blue patterned flannel with water-resistant backing which I will mail free of charge to the first person to claim them. If you already use disposable pads and like them well enough, you will fall in love with these, and will eliminate a huge source of garbage in your life.


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  1. 1

    wasteweardaily said,

    Hi Sarah,
    Well I would use them definitely, but did you consider sending them to Good4girls? I would be happy to get them or to pass them on.
    Cindy in FL

  2. 2

    limesarah said,

    I’d definitely consider sending them to G4G, but they want ones with wings. Donating some through New Moon was actually my impetus for finally ordering some for me :-) Send me your address to sarahh AT sccs DOT swarthmore DOT edu, and they’re yours!

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