I made pancakes for breakfast.  They were impressively delicious!  1.5 cups flour, 1 cup rice milk, 2 eggs, 3 level grapefruit spoons of baking powder (I couldn’t find the teaspoon), salt, and sugar.  The flour was 2/3 millet and 1/3 kamut.  I fried them on the griddle and they were sweet and fluffy and wonderful.  They had that nice light taste and texture despite being completely whole-grain…pancakes are an excellent use of weird flours since they don’t depend on gluten very much.  Millet flour worked particularly well, but I think it’s actually too small to grind in the grain mill.  It was easy to grind, but ground very very slowly, as if most of it wasn’t actually engaging with the mechanism.  For my next trick, I will attempt to make cream of wheat :-)


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