Independence Days 5/10

Planted:  Nothing yet.  But the peas and beans that were in the bit of the garden that is no longer allowed to be the garden are coming up, along with one or two of them that are in the actual gardeny bit, plus something that I can’t identify and what may be salsify.  I will transplant the beans and peas to pots and put them vaguely useful places.  Possibly including my desk at work, and the desks of anyone else who wants refugee green beans.

Harvested: Nothing so far.

Preserved: I dried some wild onions.

Stored: 50 pounds of wheat, 25 pounds each of spelt and rye, four cans of coconut milk, and four pounds of Asian wheat pasta.  Yes, coconut milk is a necessity. ;-)  It will be joined next week by that concentrated curry paste in cans, I think.  And some honey.

Cooked: Pumpkin bread (using stored pumpkin and freshly-ground kamut flour), leeks with anchovies (using up that random can of anchovies), and helped in the preparation of tangerine jelly, Korean tofu-mollusk soup and Korean spicy barbecue noodles.  The leeks were delicious — the anchovies just gave them some salt and savoriness without being overly fishy.  I sauteed them in the oil from the anchovies, then added in about a third of the actual fish.

Learned: How to grind grain.  We ground the kamut and some of the millet.  Millet is easier to grind since it’s so tiny…I can grind that one-handed, which I couldn’t do with the kamut.  It remains to be seen how well this will work for replacing all our flour, but it can definitely form a good fraction of it.  It’s useful that grinding flour is something that can be done in small chunks as a break from other things, and it is excellent upper-body exercise.


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