Independance Days — Week the First

Planted: Nothing so far.

Harvested: Quite a lot of dandelions from overgrown areas, plus some wild onions.  No sign of the legumes and potatoes in the garden yet, but the garlic seems to have survived the move relatively unphased.

Preserved: Started a batch of dandelion jelly — this is probably not going to get finished until Sunday at the earliest, so the soggy dandelion bits are going in the freezer for now.

Stored/Managed: I ordered 50 pounds of wheat berries and 25 pounds each of spelt and rye.  On Monday we went to the co-op and got several pounds each of popcorn, forbidden rice, kamut, honey, couscous, and balsamic vinegar.  The pretty glass jar I had the popcorn in shattered spectacularly when I went to put it in the cupboard, so that was an adventure and the popcorn is now in a plastic container.  And under the radiator.  And in the corners of the dining room.  And probably other places as well.  The two butternut squashes from the December pickup are still doing beautifully.  Inspired by someone on Sharon’s food storage list, I am going to implement a shiny new food storage maintenance plan this weekend.  We have a volunteer pest controller with many many many legs who rather startled me when he introduced himself from behind the cup in the bathroom this morning.  He will probably be evicted if I find him again because legs and skittering and eep.

Prepped: I rescued a pasta jar suitable for canning from the neighbors’ recycling bin.  I’ll be going to the grocery store later to get pectin and canning lids — if they don’t have canning lids, the jelly will have to wait until I mail-order them or otherwise find somewhere that stocks them.

Cooked: This week has actually been rather culinarily uninspired.  Ben made a kimchee-gefilte fish stirfry while I was far, far away from the terrifying food.  I think that’s as much excitement as the kitchen needs for one week.  I did make some very nice bread.

Worked on Local Food Systems: I had a good chat with a coworker moving to the area about the CSA and farmer’s market.

Learned: Mainly that I really shouldn’t have downloaded the new version of that computer game.  I have been killing orcs instead of doing useful things.  At least it’s an open-source computer game?


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  1. 1

    mari3 said,

    Have been enjoying your posts. Could you tell me from whom you ordered your grains? Are they organic?
    Thanks a lot.

  2. 2

    limesarah said,

    Mari — I order my grains from Wood Prairie Farm ( in Maine, and they are indeed organic.

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