Independance Days — setup

So, Sharon has initiated a marvelous new challenge to do something in one or more of several categories every day/week.  They’re useful categories.  I like categories.  I’m going to try to hit as many categories as I can each week; some of them are more relevant to me in my current situation than others:

1. Plant something. This isn’t really going to be possible for me all that often, just because we’re working with so little space to plant.  But I can at least go help out on the farm on Sundays, which may occasionally involve planting if I convince them that I’m trustworthy ;-)

2. Harvest something. Again, less relevant here, but I’m going to be doing lots of exploration of the woods along the Charles River bike path.  I’ve already been picking wild onions and dandelions; there must be berries and stuff out there somewhere.

3. Preserve something. Once the CSA season hits, I will be doing lots and lots and lots of this.  I might as well even dry or freeze some wild onions in the next week or two for next winter.

4. Prep something. Lots of stuff to do here, particularly in terms of figuring out what sort of food storage and emergency planning we need and then enacting those plans.  And this summer I will finally set up the sewing machine and get that working.  Really this time.

5. Cook something. I see homemade soba noodles and giant salads in my future.

6. Manage your reserves.  Definitely something to work on.

7. Work on local food systems.  I’m at a bit of a time-deficit, but I can at least work to make people more aware of what systems are out there, and help out with the farmer’s market and CSA.

If I can, I will do something from as many categories as possible on July 4th itself.


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